Nigerian e commerce websites climb previous Nairaland and Linda Ikeji on Alexa positions

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Nigerian e commerce sites scale past Nairaland and Linda Ikeji's site Ikeji on Alexa rankings

Many folks take it for granted that Linda Ikeji and Nairaland would be the very best websites in Nigeria. But when you place stock in Alexa rankings, you rearranged the pecking order of websites, and might have noticed that those rankings happen to be moving around over the past few months. Based on Alexa, the Nigerian sites that are most effective are not Linda Ikeji or Nairaland. They are now ecommerce sites.

That is correct. Jumia Konga, and DealDey might have more traffic coming to them than the biggest content sites in Nigeria.

Regardless, digital agencies and many others who enjoy authoritative, quick, public and ostensibly metrics swear by Alexa anyway. It has become clear that Nigerians within the duration of the past three years are not just using up content on the web, but are increasingly going online to buy stuff, anything you believe however.

We've been seeing said ecommerce sites at the top for a little while now, and it seems every couple of days they keep trading positions.