Melinda Ikeji Blog Shutdown - Scam To Resurrect A Website that is Dying By Kunle Olomofe

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You'd have probably seen the entire Linda Ikeji blog shutdown brouhaha in the event you're online, particularly on social media sites and Twitter, in the last couple of weeks.

Being such a website that is renowned, when site goes down, individuals go into panic mode, rumor style, accusation style, and all manner of thoughts and words will fill the blogosphere simply to make sense of it all.
Over a really brief 24 - 72 hour period, even those who'd never heard of Linda Ikeji or her site's success were forced to pay attention to the play of Google's shutdown of a favorite site.

You see, the result of a brouhaha like that's generally just one major thing: instantaneous acclaim locally and over the world via social networking along with the overall internet, continuous site visits to the affected domain to the tens of thousands (and quite possibly millions), along with the eventual short and long term branding of a name some may have either forgotten, never heard of before, or were not completely focused on for months or years.

With a scandal like this, that was suddenly "cleared up" within mere hours by a sudden confession in the very person who claims to have began the assaults that led to the media circus, you gain at no cost, the form of advertisements some companies have to pay thousands of DOLLARS on throughout a complete year to get even close to the form of instant fame that has been created here within mere hours.

And before our very eyes played out so far, rather for me, that prompted an immediate investigation into whether or not this might happen to be the publicity stunt of 2014, and threw up some red flags immediately.

Now before I continue, I want to make it clear that I honor anyone, especially in this case a person like Linda Ikeji, who puts their name out there facing millions of individuals around the globe as legitimate internet entrepreneurs.

Why? Well being one of Nigeria's first ever internationally established Internet entrepreneurs myself, having gotten involved in successfully creating and selling my own ebooks about online marketing since as far back as 1999, I know what this means to possess your claims questioned as well as your story scrutinized by numerous people who do not know you personally.

So, I have to make it crystal clear that this is certainly not a personal assault targeted at her buddies or Linda Ikeji.

I was in truth one of those hundreds or thousands who freely sent tweets to Linda showing support within a tough time. And that's the reason why I quite frankly disappointed from the saga the Ikeji-Aye Dee incident created, and greatly curious was alarmed, concerned.

To have my trust and interest with like that IS NOT something, toyed Linda should ever take lightly. In fact, Which believe strongly that an open letter of apology should be written to well-wishers and all fans who have been deceived into investing in this scandal at all.

I feel as though we were all played and all this sound was made to drive millions of visitors to pay attention to the Linda Ikeji website.

So, What Happened Here? Were Nigerians scammed into considering a fabricated falling out merely to get site visits & Linda's ratings upward? Which understand that's a daring accusation and it is NOT made by me lightly.
I thus humbly invite Linda and Aye Dee to respond if they so want since I have some fairly startling, though notional, advice to share that requires their feedback to be clarified.
Inconclusive Evidence #1:

After some research, I discovered that the Linda Ikeji blog had been losing site visits estimated in the hundreds of thousands monthly over the previous 13 months to the tune of. The screen shot on the link below is from a little known Internet-based fact-finding site which estimates (from the outside) the number of non-unique visits. Begin to see the screenshot here.

As you can view in the picture shown above, Linda's site visits appear to have been on a steady decline for over a year.

If that estimate is accurate to any level, then it stands to reason that if her blog's popularity was on a steady decline, it could only be a good idea to take action desperately to ensure those precious site visits are instantly restored or even dramatically increased, to block off any loss or potential loss of income as an effect of less and less traffic seeing Linda's blog.

Now as I stated, it is a speculative deduction as I never have performed inside forensic investigation on her website traffic or income from her site and am not an inside source.

So, did Linda and/or her buddy Aye Dee then plan a fictitious reason to recover the attention that is lost to Linda's site and see this continuous decreasing tendency and even catapult it to greater acclaim than it had previously? You have to concur this is a chance especially in light of the "confession" by Aye Dee and a clarification of whether or not the trust of loyal readers has in any way been tampered with in an attempt to save a slowly expiring blog.
Inconclusive Evidence #2:

The domain name change in the free URL as all of us concur (Linda comprised) is something which should have taken place much sooner than it eventually did. However according to Linda's own statements, she never troubled to make the change as most of her most apparent selections had recently been taken up by cybersquatters. Well, it seems that one among these cybersquatters was her mentor and friend Aye Dee. So afterward I'm forced to ask the following quite obvious question...

It just doesn't add up that Aye Dee purchased such a valuable domain name ( since 2011 and yet didn't release it to his buddy promptly upon his purchase when it made sense to do this. Now, three years or so later, the exact same domain name is what her mentor offers as part of a peace offering to "help Linda get her website back on top".

All this barely hours into the ruckus of her blog being shut down. Something is out of whack here.

My theory: Either both or Aye Dee or Linda decided it'd be better to effect the domain name change simply following a scandal like what we just experienced would drive the planet to pay attention at time to Linda's blog.

Wait for the latter?

Well, remember that Linda's blog was monthly, haemorrhaging tremendous levels of traffic and/or visits. It might thus be completely dangerous to effect a domain name change which could easily and quite likely result in even greater reduction of traffic and foolhardy.
Many people simply will not bother.

So, rather than risk further significant losses in traffic, it might make sense to for example to create a situation in which all eyes would be around the old site's domain name being shut down, and then Linda would of course be forced to get a new name and relocate to be able to take along all her old and new subscribers.

The incidents of the past couple of days and weeks appear too much like a set up to invoke interest in a dying blog without risking any loss in traffic, and make a long needed change and therefore income.

I so invite friends and Linda to clear up any misconceptions their activities over these days that are past might have created.

Was this scandal real or falsified?
If it had been faked then that's a breach of trust and really should never occur again as if that sort of treachery is permitted to go on unchecked many more will shortly follow possibly from the matter of this post and thousands more bloggers and site owners who would easily do anything illegal or unethical merely to get attention and also make a fast buck or two.

If none of the actions taken were as an outcome of a conspiracy to defraud people into believing rocus that is false , then please take some time to show what occurred wasn't pre-planned.

How? Show screen shots of a flourishing blog's traffic, show proof of messages that Aye Dee asserts to have sent a year or so ago showing this had not been a recent development that has been intended to garner attention that is undeserved. Share any other proof that may be showcased for the own examination of the people.

All this is essential to guarantee others' activities at getting justice from sites like Google, attracting deserved attention and gaining popularity through ethical means will not be lumped into a negative carton alongside falsified plagiarism claims as may be the case here, and possibly faked scandals.
For the belief in the integrity of Internet entrepreneurs especially's guarantee, this issue should never be swept beneath the carpet.